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Nowadays, the presence of a business website is not enough. It’s never been so crucial for brands and organizations to exist online—but what’s the point of a site if nobody can find it?

Most users look for information on the web before visiting an establishment or placing an order. They might search for reviews or testimonials of former customers in order to ensure they’re getting a peer-recommended experience. However, a lot of companies forget to plan for visits from those who aren’t quite convinced to convert, failing to incorporate the elements that will help leads make a decision.

Your website is an opportunity to convince users and potential customers that you have what they are looking for, and that you are the best solution and product they need. Do not miss the opportunity to do so, because the alternative is losing that potential customer to the competition.

There are four elements that a website must have so that it has the best chances of converting visitors:

Attractive Design

There’s a reason an image is said to be worth a thousand words—and you can’t forget that on your site. First impressions affect the effectiveness of your page. If you bombard the viewer with poorly organized information, irritating graphics, and a messy navigation bar, you stand to lose their attention in just a few seconds. The most effective websites today are simple and user-intuitive. Commonly, the simpler the better. A website designed to be easy to navigate looks more professional and likeable, making a great first impression!

Valuable and Accurate Content

Another feature of a website that should be present is value in the content it offers. This is the most important element that a website must-have. After all, what’s the point of a site that doesn’t have anything to offer to its visitors?

The content on your site must offer accurate information aligned with what the company offers, with an emphasis on educating the user and providing them with valuable information. Oftentimes, a good combination of text, photo, video, and audio will allow you to cater to as many types of users as possible. Of course, the type and style of content you put on your site will vary depending on your organization and industry. Remember to always begin with a thorough understanding of your target audience. Keeping them in mind will help both in terms of reaching the right demographic and pleasing search engine algorithms.

Compatibility With Mobile

The number of mobile users is constantly increasing, which is why it is extremely important that the web design and development of a website is built to adapt to the size and orientation of mobile screens in an instant. With a responsive web design, you are primed to offer a better user experience regardless of the device a viewer may be using. While an increasing number of templates are supported by responsive design, it’s always best to work with a professional web designer and developer as they offer a more detail-oriented approach to serving your exact customer.

Easy to Navigate

Another important feature that a good website should have is that it allows easy navigation, which allows a user to explore and find the information they’re looking for with ease. A user should be able to find any type of information quickly—within a few clicks, in fact! Good organization is essential. A primary navigation menu with corresponding links is present on most websites and is expected.


Creating a rudimentary website may be easier than ever before, but building one that converts will still require the combined efforts of a business owner and a professional web designer and developer. There are several factors that go into the success of your website creation efforts, so make sure you don’t rush through the process and end up with a site that merely indicates your presence.

At Fancy Robot, we specialize in helping our clients design websites that convert. If you’re looking to offer your customers a user-friendly experience that accurately depicts your brand, get in touch for our web design services in St. Louis, MO today!