A few things have changed in regards to search engine optimization throughout the years. By order of magnitude, usability and mobile user experience have gained more significance in the previous five years. Before then, they were not included in the search engine ranking algorithm. However, as time went on, more and more customers and consumers started to focus on specific indicators, such as PageRank and Domain Authority, as if they are the only ones that count.

Even if a website’s design and usability are subpar, it may still get to the top of search engine results if it has excellent content. Echoing most professional advice, web marketing experts must create quality, unique content that includes well-researched, in-depth articles; link-building that is as organic as possible; and usage of web analytics such as Google Analytics. 

If you’re gunning for the top spots in search engines, here are the six steps to commit to a proper long-term SEO strategy:

Step #1: Analyze Your Competitors

Competitive analysis is necessary. Keep in mind with SEO that your position in the search engine results pages is only relative. Whether you want to stay on top of the market or get ahead of it, you must evaluate your competitors. If you perform just as well or better, you must do better.

Step #2: A Little Goes a Long Way

Pick lower-competition keywords before moving on to difficult keywords. Various search engine marketing (SEM) and keyword-monitoring tools can help with keyword research. This may seem counterintuitive, but it is the best SEO strategy. The goal is to help your users get to your site as quickly as possible and get your marketing process started.

Step #3: Use and Study Structured Data

Today, a significant portion of the first page of a Google search is now made up of carousels, accordions, and featured bits of information, all of which employ structured data. 

Having structured data makes it easier for web crawlers to understand the information displayed on the page. But make sure you don’t misuse this by attempting to utilize structured data to trick Google into believing that your items, such as a website with five-star ratings, truly have those evaluations.

Step #4: Have Fun and Be Creative

Create widgets or badges that link back to your site and give customers, vendors, or affiliates an opportunity to display your widgets or badges on their websites. This is a reliable link-building strategy that, when used correctly, will significantly boost the growth of your site. Many online travel agencies (OTAs) provide badges to users who interact with their websites and submit reviews, thus improving SEO efforts.

Step #5: Utilize Your Blog Space

Use your writer’s creativity to construct your blog and create well-researched, in-depth blog posts. 

You should create content that is valuable enough that other websites would want to link to your page, resulting in an increase of backlinks. Additionally, avoid “content spinning” as this type of trick is not suitable for the typical user and thus will not be effective long term for SEO. Every word in your content should be written from scratch.

Step #6: Make Sure to Cross-Post

An excellent way to increase the number of visitors you receive is to contribute guest posts to other blogs. Publishing this information also establishes a connection to your website or blog. The site must be reputable, and the posts must be original and informative. Be sure to produce original and genuine content, as it delivers valuable information.


To expand your SEO campaign without incurring a decrease in search results, use the white hat tactics mentioned. In-depth, expertly-researched pieces have brought high returns for content creators, with significant websites referring back to their work. Things may alter a bit in terms of the formula, but the SEO route must still be paved with quality material.

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