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The bottom line is also known as net income, or the amount of money that a company was able to gain, right after the cost, taxes, and other expenses of operations have already been deducted. In short, it is the amount that signifies whether or not the business was able to gain a fair amount of cash over a certain period of time.

Now, there are many things that may affect a company’s bottom line, may it be seasonal sales, calamities, and even the ever-changing preferences of the target market. However, the advent of technology brought in a new marketing tool that definitely made its mark when it comes to business, and that is none other than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What Is SEO and Why Is It Important for My Company?

Basically, it is the process of improving the quality of one’s website through digital marketing to attract organic traffic. This, in turn, will improve its rankings within the search results, with the chance of it being at the very top of the searches each time a potential target market will inquire online.

It is very important for a business as it has the huge potential to widen your reach towards more potential customers and online leads. You no longer have to rely on the slow, traditional way of print ads and TV ads if you can just simply use your social media and main product pages to promote your business.

What Are the Benefits of SEO to My Bottom Line?

There are a couple of ways where SEO could benefit your bottom line. The following are just some of the most common examples.

  • It Retains Your Current Leads

In digital marketing, the word leads may refer to people who have the potential to be your customers. They are not your customers yet, as they are still inquiring about your products and services. Communicate with them well enough, and they will be converted to your loyal consumers. A well-optimized website will ensure that you will be able to retain them on your web page, long enough for you to convince them to buy from you. This, of course, will lead to more sales, thus, increasing your bottom line.

  • It Attracts More Leads

Before you can even try to retain your leads, you must first attract them to your website. An SEO that is done well on your page may make it viral, well enough to garner more organic traffic on the site. This organic traffic is now your leads, and they should be taken care of if you want to convert them.

  • It Enables You to Upgrade Your Content

You will never be able to attract new customers if your website is plain and boring. A good SEO strategy will not only put new content on the site, but it will also improve it from time to time, attracting new visitors that may end up increasing both your visits and sales.


SEO has always been known as an effective tool to increase your potential customers and your sales. While the process may not be that easy, the reward is definitely worth it. If you use SEO to your advantage, you will be able to replenish your bottom line, giving it a boost and ensuring its continuous growth over time. Invest in a good SEO strategy and watch your company grow in the long run.

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