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No matter what company or organization you’re in, having an SEO strategy is vital. Search engine optimization has become the foundation of businesses around the world. If you already have loyal customers, that’s excellent news—but you can never have too many of them.

If you’re a new business, repeat customers that develop brand loyalty will help the business soar to new heights. Building a large customer base is vital to success, which is why your website should rank highly on SERPs (search engine results pages). Here’s a quick guide to help you increase your website traffic.

SEO Quick Facts

Several studies have been done that confirm just how crucial SEO is. Look at some of the statistics:

With those facts in mind, it’s clear that having a good SEO strategy is only half the battle. As any SEO specialist will tell you, it’s key to go about it in the most productive way possible.

What You Can Do

Read on to learn more on standard SEO principles to help website traffic increase:

1. Optimize Keywords

SEO’s very core lies in the use of keywords, both short-tail, and long-tail. Each website page needs to have a keyword strategy that’s planned well, with careful consideration of the industry and products and services offered, as well as user intent. That way, you can make a more significant impact on the search engine algorithms of Google.

Not sure where to start looking for topic keywords? Try these methods:

  • Brainstorm – It may seem like a relatively standard concept, but it’s worth noting. Sit down and really think about it. List down every single possible keyword you can think of.
  • Google’s Keyword Planner – This was developed precisely for webmasters to get assistance in reaching their target audience.
  • Google searches – Have you considered Googling your competition? Search through Google pages related to the business and take note of what Google suggests.
  • Q&A sites – Many Q&A websites get thousands of questions daily. You may have heard of one of the top ones: Quora. Look out for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and come up with pages to respond to those.

2. Use Title Tags

Search engine algorithms detect page or article subjects through headlines. This is why title tags are a crucial part of SEO. It can determine which position and what posts your page ends upon in terms of search results. This is closely tied in with keywords because Google can better see content relevance when there’s a keyword near the beginning.

Don’t just write a headline for the sake of keywords, though. Make sure that it will be interesting enough for the reader to actually want to click through and read what you have to say.


Search engine optimization is a vital part of any website, no matter the company or organization. It plays a crucial role in Google’s search engine pages. Standard SEO principles that can increase web traffic include optimizing keywords and paying attention to the title tags.

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